Bitcoin Bull

Bitcoin Bull
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Bitcoin Bull

According to beincrypto, linkswap will be launched on November 25. Linkswap is a community managed chainlink ecosystem automated market maker (AMM). Linkswap claims that one of its most important core functions is to focus on reducing the impending loss. Linkswap will implement a continuous liquidity pool (CLP) to reduce the volatile losses of liquidity providers. Once launched, there will be many farming pools available for various tokens, including gswap, and a game DEX will soon be launched.Bitcoin Bull In the past 24 hours, its governance token yfl has broken through $1000 for the first time since its first surge in early September, up more than 20%.

1. The total value of the global digital money market is $540318 billion (+ 4.32%), and the 24-hour trading volume is $71.552 billion (- 14.47%).

According to oklink data, the average computing power of BTC in the past seven days is about 132.43eh/s, and the difficulty of the whole network is about 19.16t. It is predicted that the next difficulty is 18.79t, and there is still one day and 20 hours to adjust. The power of the mainstream currency fell. The 7-day average calculation power of eth fell by 1.55%; the daily mining income of mainstream currency all rose.

According to coindesk on November 19, Jay Clayton, chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said that the current payment mechanisms at home and abroad are inefficient, and these inefficiencies are driving the rise of bitcoin. Clayton refuted journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin's view that bitcoin can be regulated as a security, saying that bitcoin is more like a payment mechanism and a store of value than a security. In addition, Clayton said it would see more regulatory measures around payments.

BTC rose by 1.01% in five minutes, with an increase of $193.39, of which the current price of Boboo was $19379.07. Please pay close attention to the market trend and control the risk.

P é ter Szil á gyi, the core developer of Ethereum, tweeted that small miners were withdrawing from the filecoin network and could not raise their own funds. The remaining miners prefer to delete customer data and pay fines rather than continue to prove the data. Szil á gyi said he deleted 7GB of someone's data, paid a $3 fine and saved $26 Bitcoin Bulla day.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced the organization of eeaethtrust security level working group. The Ethereum Alliance (ETA) will be led by the trust group. At present, the smart contract can be locked or lost tens of millions of dollars with only a small defect in the code. The task of ethtrust is to enable organizations and individuals to easily judge whether the smart contract has passed the comprehensive security audit of the professional team, and enhance the mutual trust of Ethereum ecology. This will further enhance the market's confidence in Ethereum and make it a global settlement layer for all types of transactions.