Bitcoin forecast

Bitcoin forecast
By Bitcoin futures trend

Bitcoin forecast

According to the MXC Matcha market, GPT was launched at 15:00 today, with an opening price of 300usdt, with a maximum increase of 446%; and the current quoBitcoin forecasttation of 1180usdt, with an increase of 293.48%. It is reported that GPT is a decentralized defi ecological project on the public chain of ECOC, and its main function is to delay the contract.

Based on these figures, the financial business of stable currency will be carried out more. More importantly, these newly generated digital stable currencies operate under the premise of compliance, so there can be no compliance concerns based on the various applications of these stable currencies.

Talking about HT, Du Jun said: HT's repo support is actually sufficient, and more hope and confidence need to be boosted at present, which is also the focus of future work.

1. The total value of the global digital money market is US $550.81 billion (+ 2.29%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $66.849 billion (- 6.43%).

As of December 10, the number of active BTC addresses was 828400, a decrease of 9.27% compared with yesterday; the number of transactions on the chain was 313500, a decrease of 0.44% compared with yesterday; there were 555 large transfers with more than 100 BTC links, a decrease of 17.41% compared with yesterday. The number of active eth addresses was 561100, down 4.49% from yesterday. According to the currency World Research Institute, there is a positive correlation between the activity of transactions on the chain and the currency price.

Data network Market shows that wave network defi plate rose in 19 currencies today. Among them, nest, DEX, OKs, MKR, wnxm and yfi were tBitcoin forecasthe highest, accounting for 10.61%, 23.16%, 3.33%, 4.30%, 2.92% and 22.12%, respectively.

Bmex venture capital, a venture capital fund of bmex, reached a strategic cooperation with vbit, the black horse digital asset exchange, on December 7. In this cooperation, the two sides will integrate and complement each other in ecological business and global channels to expand their influence in the industry.